This year’s dyspeptic rant concerning Handel’s Messiah

This guy looks like a tenor. You’re hired, buddy! LeedsSinger99, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The audience is always right

As December begins, community choirs all over the country, maybe the world even, put the finishing touches on their upcoming performances of Handel’s famous oratorio, Messiah, composed in 1741. Unless you live under a rock you are familiar with this masterpiece, in particular the Hallelujah chorus, which has been in…


Also known as the MuddyUm editors weekly business meeting

You never know what big stars will show up on Monday. German Marin, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

We use the word business very loosely.

Big news! This morning we found out that Holly J See is really Halle Berry incognito! Who knew? Goes to show you anything can happen on the Good Ship MuddyUm. Which means that you won’t want to miss the MuddyUm Zoomathon. …


The place, not the song

Somewhere near the airport in Albuquerque. Detail shows sign reading “Closed due to Plandemic” sign above Park and Fly lot.
Somewhere near the airport in Albuquerque. Damn that plandemic! Image by the author

Following a nice boring plane ride we landed at Albuquerque airport. May all your plane rides be boring. If your plane ride suddenly becomes exciting, that could be cause for concern.

Excuse me, that’s Albuquerque Sunport. That’s what it’s called. Other cities such as Providence have airports. Albuquerque has a…


Vogon poetry courtesy of me and my evil childhood friends

Fantasy hitchhiker with UFO
Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

Doggerel passed to us through the universal children’s internet of disgusting songs had to pass the sniff test. Was it nauseating and horrifying? OK then! As perfect little Vogon children, we also created our own twisted little ditties.

For those of robust constitution, allow me to share a few of…


I am about to slap myself in the face with a dead fish

Hand in a surgical glove holding a vial of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.
You gonna tell Moderna how to spell COVID? Image by Mufid Majnun from Pixabay

Dear Almost Everybody,

It’s COVID, or COVID-19 if you prefer. All caps. Not Covid or Covid-19 or covid or covid-19, although the latter two make more sense in that you don’t capitalize “measles” or “influenza.”

COVID is an abbreviation. OK, acronym if you prefer. More like anacronym. Whatever you want…

Baskerville Old Face

No woman ever murdered her husband while he was washing the dishes.

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