And it can turn around and bite you. My ex-wife left me in part because of that. I’m embarrassed to own up to how long it took me to figure it out even after that breakup. Soon enough to have recently celebrated 28 years of matrimony though!

One of my besties calls me up every other month like clockwork to talk about whether or not she should dump her boyfriend because he does that. I always say dump him because I’ve been listening to this for so long — years — and I’m like resolve it already, maybe he will learn something. She always wants to work with him somehow because he has his redeeming qualities and because we are in, well, the same age bracket and let’s face it there are fewer fish in the sea for us old farts. Most of the old farts who are still alone are that way for a reason, unless you are lucky enough to be there for a recent widow(er). Sorry for seeming morbid but that’s life (and death!) in old fartdom… I’ve rambled on and on yet again, sorry.

Stomping around venting will rarely help anything and my fuck up the best thing you have.

No woman ever murdered her husband while he was washing the dishes.

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