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  • J.J. Pryor

    J.J. Pryor

    Traveler | Ex-pat | Failing polymath | Career generalist | Frumpy snarky dude who’s interested in far too many topics | PB&T creator | Top 1000 Writer

  • Jadyn Mardy

    Jadyn Mardy

    Writer, musician, published poet, sarcastic college student

  • zachary


    french fries, sci-fi, introvert

  • Article bay

    Article bay

    New interesting articles every day. Follow me!

  • Seamus Easton

    Seamus Easton

    writer & performer living in vancouver. please fellow me on twitter or instagram @tweetsbyseamus

  • Emily Green

    Emily Green

    Kaleidoscope of Discomfort

  • Courtney Essary

    Courtney Essary

    Fueled by kindness, curiosity, and toast. Likes to laugh. Pursuing a win in the New Yorker caption contest.

  • dan boxer

    dan boxer

    Retired corporate lawyer, Fortune 1000 Exec VP, law professor of business ethics, governance and social responsibility, entrepreneur, mentor and writer.

  • Kristine Laco

    Kristine Laco

    My middle finger is my favorite. Hoarding TP since 2014. Well-Rested Bitch. Lady Boner Legend. Top writer Satire & Humor. Don’t follow if Laco-intolerant.

  • Allison E Peteka

    Allison E Peteka

    she/her, a college student with no direction

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