Thank you for that. In many ways I identify. I’m 67 now. Soon to be 68. I’ve been more active in my 60s than in any other decade, probably because I use a bicycle as basic transportation. I commuted to work for the last 15 or so years that I did work. But in retirement I’m so busy that I wonder how I had time to work! I have lots of things to bike to!

Still, the bicycle is largely solitary for me. You have to get out and be with people if you want to keep your brain in shape. I maintain two activities that take care of this. I started Aikido when I was 64. I had never taken any form of martial arts before. In fact, unlike you I was never athletic. I sure found out how stiff I had become! It’s loosened me up though. Another people oriented thing I have carried on with — increased — is choir. I rejoined the choirs I’d quit when working because I didn’t have time for them. Now I’m in like 5 choirs depending on how you count. 2 sing classical and 3 sing gospel. Gospel music is exhausting I can tell you that.

In all of this I try never to lose sight of the fact that it is by Grace that I can do all of this. I suffer from no serious chronic illnesses or depression or anything like that. It wasn’t until my mid 50s that I became physically active so it’s not like I can claim credit. My situation was such that bicycle commuting made sense. I thank God every day for this life of mine.

Final note, I don’t care for the terms elderly or senior. I’m OLD. One syllable. Nice and simple.

No woman ever murdered her husband while he was washing the dishes.

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