Why does the Medium Android app for members suck so bad?

I swear I can’t figure it out. Is anyone else having these problems?

Before anyone accuses me of being a jerk with my title, note that this is step three in my so far fruitless quest for an answer to my problems. I posted similar comments to early articles by Medium staff in which I asked about the new member’s app. I went to the Medium help center and wrote a detailed help message. Although I was the very soul of politeness, stony silence met me in both cases. Formerly, Medium got back to me quite promptly about my help messages. Not this time.

Consider the following:

Recommended by People you Follow” is one of my favorite categories. Who doesn’t want to read the stuff recommended by the people they follow? Why would I follow them if I didn’t want to at least look at what they recommend? Let’s scroll down.

OK, five stories. Pretty standard. Now let’s click the “>” and see what we get.

Now I’ve clicked on the “>”. What do we notice? Jaqi Pasco, is — repeated. Please keep that in mind for a moment.

Scrolling revealed no more new stories, so I’m left with 7. And that’s it. If I do the same thing on my laptop the scroll goes on and on until I start to see things I’ve already read. Therefore, between these 7 and the things I’ve already read are all the things I’m missing if I can’t get to my laptop or something else running the Windows version of Medium. “That’s all for now, come back…”, the caption at the bottom waves at me cheerily. Are you fucking kidding me? There’s plenty more! I like to scroll through a plethora of things until something grabs my attention. That’s the joy of it. Bear in mind that I joined, became a founding member, so this is not “free content”. Are you going to deny me my God given right to complain? Next you’ll be coming for my guns.

Here is a screenshot from my laptop of the comment section of an article by the immortal Thunderpuff.


Note that my comment actually makes sense for a change, because you can see that ThunderPuff used the word “Quasimodo” in her article, which roused me from my stupor in the way it might if one hears one’s name. I responded with a sleepy, “Yes.”

Here is the same exchange on Android:

Not informative

Here there is no reference so it appears that I’m babbling nonsense as usual.

Somewhere it the blizzard of notifications from Medium staff was a statement to the effect that if I didn’t like the new look, I could just un-check it in settings. Really? Let’s look at my settings:

Do you see a way to un-check the member’s app? I don’t either.

And now for my snappy ending:

Every Medium article must have a snappy ending. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Best Wishes,


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